Since being hired as a part-time instructor I have taught in both academic writing track and the Adult ESL track. The academic writing track includes ESL 90, ESL 80, ESL 370, and ESL 360. I also teach conversation classes in the Adult ESL track along with other skills courses as assigned. In addition, I am work in the English Language Center as a writing tutor. Below is a breakdown of my approach to each of the classes.

Classes Taught at IVC:

ESL 80– Academic Writing III for Multilingual Writers

ESL 370 – Academic Writing II for Multilingual Writers

ESL 360 – Academic Writing I for Multilingual Writers

AESL 505 – Advanced Adult ESL: Level 5

AESL 545 – Advanced Conversation

AESL 543 – Intermediate Conversation

AESL 541 – Beginning Conversation

AESL 533 – Intermediate Pronunciation

ELC – Supplemental Learning Assistance for ESL Students