ESL 360

ESL 360 A/B – Summer Session

During my first summer as a full-time faculty member, I decided to focus on a class that was working on more developing skills than I taught during the school year. I had the chance to work with ESL 360 students and introduce many of them to their first sample of what the transition from BICS to CALP looked like, and to start their journey into more professional, academic writing.

The class focused on helping students at a low-intermediate level develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in an integrated format. The intensive summer format allowed for daily classes from Monday through Thursday, and students were able to get an immersive look at the challenges and opportunities that would be coming down the road as they continued to develop their language skills.

This summer session gave me the opportunity to have a more rounded understanding of IVC’s ESL sequence. I could better see what skills were missing, and what should be addressed as they moved into higher level courses that I had been teaching since joining IVC as an adjunct professor.

I’m grateful for my opportunity to work with this level of ambitious and inspiring students, and I hope to work more with this level again in the future.