Welcome to BrentGWarner.com

This website serves as a living portfolio for my work as a professor of ESL at Irvine Valley College. I began working as an Adjunct Professor at IVC in the Fall of 2014 and was honored and elated to be asked to join as a full-time faculty member beginning in the Fall of 2016.

I hope that this site serves not only to help see what I have contributed to the school and the field in the past, but also that it gives insight into what I can continue to contribute for years to come.

Transparency is important to me, and thus this site will not be blocked from public view or limited to faculty members. In fact, it is my wish that anyone who cares to understand me or my approach to teaching and education in general can view this site and understand where I am coming from.

If there is any missing information, please reach out to me to let me know. I am a passionate learner and believe that feedback from peers is one of the best ways to continue to improve.

Please use the menu bar at the top to further explore my work.


Brent by the Numbers